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Gratt Indústria e Tecnologia

Founded by Bernhard Josef Gratt on December 1, 1986, the company Gratt Indústria e Tecnologia Ambiental has its headquarters in the city of Capinzal - Santa Catarina. Marked by success and boldness in the search for new technologies, Gratt's trajectory is related to the manufacture of equipment aimed at protecting the environment and profitability of the sectors, as it designs and manufactures equipment aimed at the recovery of raw materials, preservation and maintenance of environmental resources.

For more than 34 years, Gratt has made history in its field of activity. It has a team of 700 highly qualified employees to design, manufacture and install machines throughout the Brazilian territory and international market.
It applies its products and services in the most diverse areas, from meatpacking, pulp and paper, tanneries, dairy, beverage industry, alcohol industry, biofuels sector, mining to environmental sanitation and waste processing, etc.

Due to the growing demand for orders, the company has two industrial parks in Capinzal - Santa Catarina, totaling 37,400m² of built area on its own land of 200,000m², with state-of-the-art equipment for the development of its activities. To better serve the Southeast region of the country, Gratt has an advanced distribution and maintenance center in Sumaré-São Paulo, thus providing greater support and agility in serving its customers.

Through research, innovative proposals, differentiated business vision and participative management, it stands out in the manufacture of centrifugal decanters and tridecanters, vertical centrifuges, floaters, drying systems and complete stations for water and industrial effluent treatment, among other equipment for sectors that need to process or isolate waste, always aiming at environmental care and the conservation of water resources.
All the success achieved makes the company proud to be nationally recognized as a pioneer in the manufacture of centrifugal decanters and tridecanters, with more than 5,000 systems installed in Brazil and in several countries.

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