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A company that operates in the automotive, agricultural and off-road "off-road" segment, specializing in high performance differential axles and automotive 4x4 transmissions. DSTRAC Performance 4x4 develops, designs and manufactures parts such as transfer cases, front and rear hydro-electric steering systems, wheel hubs, crown/pinion transmission components, axle shafts, locks, satellite boxes, gears, agricultural differential axles. for harvesters and automotive differential axles upgrade for competition, high speed, off-road and customized. 100% national company that constantly invests in new manufacturing processes and technologies such as casting of steel parts by "lost-wax casting", low temperature forging, austempera heat treatment processes, cutting-edge CNC machining and "lean" production systems. manufacturing", guaranteeing the highest reliability and performance, recognized in the national and international market.

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