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Crédito Real

Crédito Real Imóveis e Condomínios S/A was established in 1933 under the name of Instituto Hipotecário e Financeiro S/A - Banco de Crédito Real. Formed by a group of businessmen from Porto Alegre, its initial capital resulted from the incorporation of the shareholders' equity of Sociedade Geral de Imóveis, a company that since 1929 has been dedicated to financing real estate projects.

For 30 years, BANCO DE CRÉDITO REAL became a financial institution and, at the same time, a real estate and real estate project manager. Aiming to gain a larger share of the financial and real estate market in Rio Grande do Sul, the company developed and consolidated itself as one of the most important institutions in the field.

In the 1950s, Crédito Real was one of the pioneers in the real estate consortium system. Through small monthly payments and raffles, customers competed for financing for the acquisition or construction of their own home. In addition, due to the complexity of the legislation, most condominiums abandoned self-management administration in this decade. Thus, Crédito Real also started to offer the Condominium Management service.

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